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More iPads - More Campuses

September 21st, 2010 by CourseSmart

One month into the fall semester of 2010 and the iPad is being used at more and more universities nationwide.  University bookstores are giving students additional options this semester, including CourseSmart codes ready for purchase so they can download the etextbooks online! 

Professors are also finding the iPads particularly useful for students.  Professor Corey Angst at the University of Notre Dame went so far as making his semester long Project Management course the “iPad Class”.  Professor Angst is conducting research on the iPad and its use in college classrooms.  The class has been using CourseSmart etextbooks for the past four weeks, and students are saying that “staying up to date on the most current technology is extremely important in this fast paced world.” One student has also noted that the iPad not only helps to “avoid unnecessary paper waste” but that it also ”opens up a lot of possible collaboration that didn’t exist with the normal textbook set up”. You can read updates about the “iPad class” on Professor Angst blog “Teaching with Angst”.


Professor Angst’s “iPad Class” at Notre Dame University

Universities are providing students with iPad’s at no cost in an effort to further integrate technology into the educational environment and students themselves are becoming advocates by turning towards ebooks instead of traditional print textbooks.

Universities are leading the way in increased ownership of these devices, and some expect this enthusiasm for tablet technology will carry over to the general public.  The article “One world, 5 billion iPads” claims that by the end of the decade it is quite possible that almost everyone will own a tablet computer such as the iPad.

How do you think the iPad will affect the future of education, and technology in life in general?  Do you see yourself purchasing an iPad in the near future?


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