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Is Your Social Media Profile a Liability?

March 4th, 2011 by CourseSmart

Huffington Post College recently reported on a Kaplan survey that found more than 80% of college admissions officers used social networking profiles when considering applicants. If students ever needed more proof that their social media presence could affect them in a positive or negative way, this is it!

Most high school and college students are quick to point out their profile privacy settings prevent any questionable content from reaching the eyes of future employers, college admissions officers, or worse, their parents. But, is completely isolating your profile from public view in a students’ best interest? With the newest round of changes to sites like Facebook, a students’ social media profile can be an asset rather than a liability.

In its latest round of updates, Facebook enhanced users’ ability to create pages that function more like a personal profile. How does that affect the average student? Any user can now create a page that can serve as a public professional profile, keeping their personal profile visible only to friends. By creating a personal page, students can use status updates and wall posts to showcase, interests and hobbies, volunteer work, or share content that is relevant to their area of study. A page can now “like” other pages, allowing students to “like” and showcase their favorite schools, membership to professional organizations, and even brands or companies they love. Students, especially arts majors, can use page elements like the photos banner and albums to showcase their creativity, making the page an interactive portfolio. Much like the info section on a personal profile, the page info section can feature educational experience, internship information or anything that might be of importance to whomever will be viewing the page. Making a Facebook page an extension of a resume or college admissions essay, could prove to be a valuable piece of gaining admissions or getting that dream job.

Need some creative inspiration for making a professional Facebook page? Check out some cool uses on

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